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Happiness is all in your mind

Here is a Buddhist nun named Gen Kelsang Nyema speaking about the positive state of mind that we label as happiness at a TEDx talk. I really appreciate the point she makes about “outsourcing our happiness and our unhappiness onto people and circumstances.”

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Love is wise, hatred is foolish

In my first post for several months I’m going to dust off the blog and celebrate Bertrand Russell‘s 144 birthday. I first learned about Bert Russell after coming across a copy of his classic History of Western Philosophy at my

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Einstein: How I See The World


I came across this documentary and really enjoyed it’s very human portrayal of who Albert Einstein was. It’s an old American Masters PBS documentary from 1991. Narrated by William Hurt. It’s the story of a fifteen year old boy who wondered

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Exxon ignored it’s own climate change research

In the late ’70’s scientists started researching climate change caused by CO2. The institution concerned with studying CO2 emissions: Exxon. A new study by the Pulitzer Prize winning Inside Climate News has findings that say a lot about the environment

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Life on Mars? Well, H2O

With the new findings that give strong evidence of water on Mars, NASA is now having to think about the environmental impacts that our trouncing around on Mars is going to have on the red planet. I think this goes

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Oliver Sacks 1933 – 2015

Here was a person who truly understood what living life to its fullest meant. He was a well known neurologist who wrote a number of books about his experiences. Oliver Sacks had a incredibly amiable nature about him that made

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New Horizons > Pluto

Pluto with enhanced colorization to show the different surface compositions.

Pluto was discovered in 1930 by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh. For many years it was called the ninth planet, furthest from the sun in our solar system. But we have found that the universe just gets bigger and bigger the more

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The Sixth Extinction


I take the name of this post after a biological catastrophe. In the 4.55 billion year history of the Earth there have been five documented mass extinctions. The term is fairly self explanatory. I also take the name of this

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Physics in Action

x x x x x x      

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The Universe and Everything Else – A Discussion

Here is a television discussion from 1988. The panelists on this discussion are some of the most well know scientists of their day and are still household names today. Carl Sagan was an astrophysicist who was a well known as

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