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Happiness is all in your mind

Here is a Buddhist nun named Gen Kelsang Nyema speaking about the positive state of mind that we label as happiness at a TEDx talk. I really appreciate the point she makes about “outsourcing our happiness and our unhappiness onto people and circumstances.”

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Shinyribs – If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Shinyribs is an American country-soul, swamp-funk band from Austin, Texas. Shinyribs began in 2007 as a solo side-project of singer/guitar player Kevin Russell, then of long-time Austin band, The Gourds (another great band). Here is an absolutely beautifully simple rendition of the

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Robert Fisk – Life After ISIS

For over 26 years he has made Beirut his primary home as a middle east corespondent for the London Independent newspaper. Robert Fisk is among the most experienced white people reporting on the middle east region of the world to

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Alice Coltrane

She could play the jazz harp like nobodies business and she could play the piano quite well too. Alice Coltrane was John Coltrane’s second wife and she was very much her own musician. She could certainly hold her own ground and

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Largest mass shooting in US history, Nothing will change

Here we are again. I’ve written about this again and again and I am certain we will revisit this again and again for a long time. Blame will be shifted to the appropriate scapegoats. Hate crimes against Muslims will continue to sky rocket.

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Buck v Bell: A Supreme Court Failure

I have been meaning to post about this disastrous supreme court decision from 1927. Now with the suspension of the constitutional directions for confirming a new supreme court justice, we see how blind justice can be. Part 1: x

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The Bernie – Hillary Conundrum

Bernie Sanders first came to my attention in 2002 when he was one of the minority to speak out in opposition to the latest round of what I call blind patriotic fervor. I refer to the resolution giving president W.

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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

There’s a scene that has developed down under. In Australia and New Zealand. In rock music if there’s a scene happening, well that’s the place to be. Sorry, I love that term “scene”: A band does something really original and soon

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Dearly Departed

I wanted to do an update of people who are important to me, and perhaps to you too, who have moved on recently.   David Bowie: x   George Martin: x   Father Daniel Berrigan: x  

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Love is wise, hatred is foolish

In my first post for several months I’m going to dust off the blog and celebrate Bertrand Russell‘s 144 birthday. I first learned about Bert Russell after coming across a copy of his classic History of Western Philosophy at my

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