Robert Fisk – Life After ISIS

For over 26 years he has made Beirut his primary home as a middle east corespondent for the London Independent newspaper. Robert Fisk is among the most experienced white people reporting on the middle east region of the world to a mainly western audience. I’m amazed at his “unembedded” journalism in war zones and other very dangerous situations. As well as his very real views on what he sees and learns in his travels. For example, he interviewed Osama bin Laden three times between 1993 – 1997 (he is fluent in Arabic). Fisk is very knowledgeable about history and the present, which of course is key to having insight into any subject. He has won many awards for his work and gives talks around the world. All this at the age of 70. (Also worth reading is his colleague at the Independent, Patrick Cockburn (pronounced “cōburn”)

Here is a talk he gave in April at the University College Dublin entitled “Life After ISIS”. He points out that he thinks ISIS has the emotions of a guided missile. The human rights situation in Iraq, Syria, and the surrounding countries is very dire. Here Fisk explains. He gives a picture of the destabilization of the middle east region and what he describes as the weapon that is ISIS.


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